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Rory is well respected for his broad spectrum of art, photography and poetic renditions, inspired from having lived and worked in a myriad of locations around the world.

From his early days in the art stream of a groundbreaking arts and crafts school, intertwined with Beckenham art college, he has surmounted and enjoyed a fountain of creative knowledge.

So much so, that he became one of London adland’s youngest creative directors at age twenty.

From here, Rory founded his own boutique advertising agency in Soho, where he also resided. A position he enjoyed for twenty plus years. He then moved on to what he has always relished. Producing a plethora of individual artwork. 

Rory has generated numerous salacious ventures, having worked closely with many blue chip clients home and abroad. Much of his work has been created in league with these. In his estimation, there is nothing so gratifying as living and working in the creative world of  art, it runs in his DNA. 

Rory loves what he does. And does what he loves.

Christine, London

Is there no end to Rory’s talents! The way certain artworks are created as a set that further dramatises and enhances the impact is fantastic. I always look forward to the future with anticipation and excitement when viewing all that's best of Rory's artworks.


Diego, Spain

I love Rory's collections and will continue to be a loyal follower. His diversity of universal art skills is always at the fore. The quality of presentation is always outstanding.

Jamie, Dubai

Besides the current work offered here, Rory's commissioned work is exceptional. His positive attitude and adaptability has come from the days spent in the world of advertising and marketing in the prolific milieu that is Soho.

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